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22. Nursing student. ليس للإنسان الا ما يسعى


    "This is your Sunday evening reminder that you can handle whatever this week throws at you."
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    "The child inside me is getting lost, as the world around me keeps poisoning my soul."
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    I finished Eleanor and park…

    Sometimes the people we love fail us. Love doesn’t conquer all. Except God’s love ❤️ this book was awesome, but it reaffirms the idea that life isn’t perfect. Things don’t last forever. You take advantage of the moments you have now.

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    This 20 page paper is getting annoying. The only thing I keep hearing is “this too shall pass” which is my motivator to just keep typing away. All i want to do is finish eleanor and park or continue my gossip girl marathon. 

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    "Don’t fall for anyone who doesn’t fall in sujood for Allah"
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